QURAN - Interpretation is Sunnah And Hadith

[Praise be to Allaah.]

 From Facebook Discussion by Allama Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer,
Formatted in form of article by Usman Nisar

QURAN - Interpretation is Sunnah And Hadith 


Quran was revealed on Holy prophet salal laho aliehi wasalam. It was he (saw) who elaborated meanings of Holy Quran .Any ambiguity in meanings of Quran can only be determined by sayings of Holy Prophet (saw). No opinion related to interpretation of Quran can supersede sayings of Holy prophet. Anyone who wants to interpret Quran with his wisdom and detaches or ignores hadith and sunnah is indeed on wrong path.
As well, Quran itself has clearly delegated this authority to Rasool salal laho aliehi wasalam .There are many verses which address this issue clearly.
Remember that, An authentic hadith is never against holy Quran rather it explains Holy Quran.
General logical Question for those who believe in Authority of Sunnah in Shariah:
1. how you offer salah from Quran only?
If you going to answer that it is offer in similar method as in times of previous Prophets (AS)
Then face encounter question:
All the recitations of our salah are absolultely different from the salahs in old shariah.We recite Quran in Qayam.We recite durood shareef in Tashahhud and similarly many more differences .This style is tarnsferred through Rasool salal laho aliehi wasalam not through other prophets

2. In which month should we do hajj and qurbani from Quran Only.
3. Allah says that months of Hajj are determined and specified where is that specific information?
Even the style of Hajj and UMRAH is totally different from Hajj and UMRAH of jahiliyyah .Rasool salal laho aliehi wasalam is the source of inspiration for us in these matters.
4. What to do with zakat where is the amount of zakat mentioned in Quran so when Quran says give zakat where is the answer??
5. Quran that who was abu lahab and what is the subject of Surah lahab and why abu lahab is cursed by Allah swt.
6. An interesting example in this regard is that of Rajam which is an additional penalty for married zanis mentioned in hadith where as Quran only mentions 100 lashes but hadith limits that punishment for un married zanis only.

all faqeehs and mohaddiseen are convinced on rajam for married couple so why the collective wisdom of Ummah goes in favour of the assumption that hadith can modify or restrict or interpret verses of Quran

Quran alone cannot be understood and acted upon without hadith. Sunnah and hadith is the practical application of Quran and anyone who wants to detach hadith from Quran will be in confusion and will confuse others too
Many commands other than Quran have been issued by Rasool sala laho aliehi wasalam and there are many from which he has forbidden .To say prophet was not delegated authority to make laws is not in accordance with many established verses of Quran.
Again reminder
The Quran was not revealed in once but slowly in 23 years in different occasion. All the Ayahs of Quran are the Quran Scripture because of Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (saw) compiled and memorized by the Sahabahs (RA).