Diary: On the Motorway

In the name of Allah , the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.

Assalaam U Alykum brothers and sisters in Islam. May peace and blessings of Allah SWT be upon all of. Right now I am in a bus traveling from Lahore to Islamabad. The bus is full of Muslims! (obviously). The weather is awesome, light showers of rain and beautiful green fields are making the scenery along Motorway awesome! Hills and trees and everything is reminding of Allah's Existance! I have been traveling on this route since my childhood but never paid attention to the signs of Allah SWT. Everything is so beautiful SubhanAllah! Right now I am feeling high in Iman [faith/Eeman] ! But! There is something bothering me.
And that something is the Television in front of me and how its diverting my fellow Muslims from remembering Allah SWT. A stupid Indian movie is on screen and everyone's laughing on its stupid jokes! There are some people who are not interested in it. Some have seen it before. Some are sleeping (my fellow is sleeping since we started journey! :) ). But some people are watching it very carefully and attentively as its something they cannot live without! And I am serious! They are enjoying every scene of it! Now I want you people to think, since partition in 1947, we are being entertained by stupid Indian film and drama industry! Now Hollywood is on top! My question is that for how long we are going to watch such stuff which is totally based on kufar and shirk? For how long we would allow such stuff to penetrate in our minds and in our kids' minds? Although we have already destroyed our minds and thinking! O! Thank God TV is off! :) but its off just for now. When they'll start their journey back to Lahore, they'll again turn it on and 45 people will enjoy it and will develope a poison inside them without even realizing it! Thats common everywhere but what I am thinking is that why dont we Muslims develop our own media of entertainment free of all fitnah and educating rather! It should be so much interesting and catchy that people leave todays media for it! C'mon young minds, my fellows, its time to think and for action! :)

By Brother Xain Ul Abidin shared on Islamic Brother Facebook Group