Sins leads to more sins


Imaam Ibn al-Qayyim Al-Jawzeeyah rahimahullah writes regarding sins in his book ad-Daa wa Dawaa:

"And from it [i.e consequences] is that the sin produces more of its like and multiply, so much so that it becomes overwhelming for the slave to leave it off or find a way out"

Just like some of the salaf used to say:
From amongst the punishments of committing sins is that they lead to more sins and from the rewards of performing good deeds is that one performs more good deeds, so if a slave performs a good deed another good deed calls towards him proclaiming do me too!

And if he does it a third good deed proclaims the same thing and so on.
So the reward is multiplied and the good deeds are increased.

And the same thing applies for sins, until performing either good deeds or committing sins become firmly imbedded habits and part of a person’s character.

So if a righteous person was to leave off a good deed then that would weigh him down immensely and he would feel as a fish taken out of its water until he is brought back into it so that his heart finds peace and tranquility again.

And if the sinner was to turn away from his sins towards obedience then he would feel an immense constriction of his soul until he made himself firm upon that righteous action.

To such an extent that a lot of sinners commit sins without acquiring any pleasure from it rather they commit it due to the pain and anguish they feel leaving it off.And a slave does not cease to perform acts of obedience, loving it, but that Allah through His infinite Mercy sends angels to him encouraging him towards obedience and righteousness.

And makes him leave his bed and laziness altogether.And a slave does not cease to commit sins, loving it, but that Allah sends devils upon him edging him on [in sin].

So as for the first one then he sought strength in righteousness and asked for aid [from the angels] so they became from amongst the greatest of helpers.And the other strengthened his army of evil with help [from the devils] so they became aids against him."