Strange Love with Messenger of Allah [saww]

All praises be to Allah

1st Person :

I love the Prophet SAWW), I am ready to give my life for Islam !! Am Serious !!

2nd Person :

You cant live like a Muslim and you say you are ready to Die for Islam ? you cant live like the Prophet (SAWW), cant follow his Sunnah, don’t pray 5 times a day, and even then you say you love him. ?
Love for the Prophet (pbuh) demands obedience
to him, It is well said , “If your love was true then
you would have obeyed him, the lover is obedient
to his beloved."

Do you pray 5 times a day with Jamaat ?

Messenger of Allah (Pbuh) say: ‘The covenant that distinguishes between us and them is the prayer, and whoever neglects it has disbelieved (become a kafir).’” 
[Ahmad, Abu Dawood, al- Tirmidhi, al-Nisaa’i and Ibn Maajah] [  Narrated by Buraydah ibn al-Husayb (R.A)] 

Is it time that you change from today, Islam isn’t a game you can play with !
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