Frequently UPGRADE your Du'as, especially this Ramadan

Why do you have always the same Duas you learn in your Childhood, Why don't you upgrade more Duaas ?

Imaam Ahmad records in "Al-Musnad" a Hadeeth from Aboo Sa'eed (RA) that the Prophet (Pbuh) said:
"There is no Muslim that makes a supplication, as long as it does not pertain to anything sinful or the cutting of ties with one's kinship, except that Allaah will give him due to it one of three things. Either He will immediately respond to his supplication, or He will save it (its reward) for him in the Hereafter, or He will prevent a similar evil from befalling him."
The companions said, "Then we will increase (in supplication)". The Prophet (Pbuh) replied:
"Allaah will (also) increase."
Saheeh Hadeeth - Recorded by Imaam Ahmad (no. 10749)