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 As-Salamu Alykum Brother !! Hope are you fine. I want to ask something which i am confuse about. There is a sister who is my friend and her mother used to be friend of my mother. Few days ago someone backbite about them to my mother due to which my mother have left talking to the mother of my Friend . My friend and her mother always say me to convey salam and love to my mother...whenever i chat with them or talk to them. My mother donot like to hear about them so i am afraid if i convey there salam mother will scold me in some way... What should i do? Should i tell them that donot send salam because my mother donot even want to hear your name and scold me whenever i try to say that we must live like Prophet said be brothers... or should i convey salam and donot care what my mother says to me? Please help me i am confuse.

Replied by Br. Engr Mohammad Ali: