Difference polictics of Allama Ibtisam & Mr Imran

Allama Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer Said:

Brothers and sisters many people have asked me about my political affiliation with Imran khan. I want to answer this issue.

Political choice of every person is related to Ijtehad and it may be right or wrong .If it is right than a person gets two rewards and if it is wrong a person gets one reward.

I have social terms with Imran Khan for many years and I do agree with him on points like opposition of drone attacks and military operation in Wana and Wazirastan.

I also addressed Multan conference as observer but in principle I have a big ideological gap with him.

I am in favour of Islamic laws to be implemented in society whether with or without elections that is a separate issue related to strategy where as khan sahib is a liberal democrat.

He raises his voice for justice but I am of the views that Justice cannot be ensured in Muslim societies without implementation of Islamic laws.

Moreover there is also a cultural gap between us .I am against free mixing. I even do not believe in coeducation and these things are not important for khan sahib that is why I did not attended Minare Pakistan conference although I was invited there as a speaker.

So all those who think that I am his political supporter should rectify their views.Many of his supporters are also my close friends .They should not be offended by my political thinking because it is right of every one to have his own views thanks jazakAllah.