Focus on character of syedna hussain radi Allahu anhu in Karbala & Lesson

Syedna hussain radi Allahu anhu was great grandson of Rasool salal laho aliehi wasalam who was leader of youth of Jannah according to hadith of Holy prophet sal laho aliehi wasalam .His martyrdom is a great tragedy of Islamic history and its background and consequences has raised unlimited questions till today.

Without going into details of this tragedy I want to focus on character of syedna hussain radi Allahu anhu in Karbala.

1 He did not miss any salah in Karbala and did not even delay it.

2 He was completely patient and submitted himself to the will of Allah swt did not loose heart during those critical moment and left this world in gratitude and patience.

3 He maintained the dress code of Islam in his family and took complete care of Hijab of her family's women

If we are true lovers of Syedna Hussain radi Allahu anhu we need to be

1 Punctual in our obligatory prayers

2 We need to be patient on every problem we are facing due to will of Allah swt and should be thankful and patient on decisions of Allah swt

3 We need to maintain Hijab and Niqab in our family during moments of pleasure and depression.