Hazrat Umar (RA) - according to Quran, Hadith, Sahaba & non Muslim

In the Eyes of Quran
 Ø Allah blessed Hazrat Umar with such Firasah (far-sightedness) and Ilham, that Hazrat Umar’s wishes coincided with 27 Ayats of the Quran (Izalatul Khifa, Shah Waliullah) **

In the Eyes of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)
Ø “O God, strengthen Islam with Umar bin Hisham (Abu Jahl) or Umar Bin Khattab”.
Ø At the time of Hazrat Umar’s entrance to Islam, the Holy Prophet said “Allahu Akbar” in such a way that every man and woman in the house knew that Umar had entered Islam; and they all rejoiced (Ibn Ishaq).

In the Eyes of the Sahaba
Ø ‘Abu Bakr did not seek thus world nor did it seek him- the world sought Umar even though he sought it not’. Hazrat Ameer Muawiya RA
 Ø Hazrat Ali RA in his love for Hazrat Umar wed his daughter Umm-e-Kulthum to him, and named one of his sons Umar.

In the Eyes of the Non- Muslims
 Ø Had Umar lived for another 10 years then the Holy Quran would have been enforced on the entire Earth (William Muir, Caliphate: Its rise, decline and fall)
Ø If an isolated episode in Arab History, such as Islam was before the death of the Prophet, was transformed into an event of world-wide importance and the foundations were laid of a Muslim Empire which civil wars, lack of unity and attacks from abroad might shake but could not destroy the chief credit for these things must be attributed to the political gifts of Umar (Laura Vaglieri,Cambridge History of Islam Volume 6)

posted by Br. Ahmed Mansoor