Love for the Good (Hadith No. 750)


Volume 1, Book 12, Number 750:
Narrated Abu Bakra:
I reached the Prophet in the mosque while he was bowing in prayer and I too bowed before joining the row. I mentioned it to the Prophet and he said to me, "May Allah increase your love for the good. But do not repeat it again (bowing in that way)."  

Sometimes people get a bit too enthusiastic while doing something for the Deen. They might do something wrong in that craze or cross a boundary unwillingly. The way to deal with them is not to be harsh nor discourage them. That would be very unwise! And I see it happen a lot as well, sadly.

Prophet (SAW) responded to Abu Bakra's action starting with a positive note. He gave him a du`a, and what a beautiful du`a it was! <3

زادك الله حرصا

"May Allah increase your love for the good."

 After encouraging him, he (SAW) told him not to repeat this action again because it's not the right way to join Salah. One must join the saff (row) and then join the congregation with takbir.

May Allah give us the wisdom and knowledge that Prophet (SAW) left for us. For truly, that is the only thing we get to inherit from him. :)