By Brother Mohammad Ali,

There are many harmful effects of watching movies & tv series. The most dangerous of them is that movies & tv series destroy our understanding of true aqeedah about life, and that a person starts living in wonderlands and gets more and more away from real life.

Movies & TV serials are like stimulators. Let me give one example. There can be some bad memory of yours, which is not that much bad and deep rooted in you. But then suddenly, you watch DEVDAS, or maybe you watch some pathetic ultra sad movie or tv serial of some low-life loser character, and all of a sudden all your bad memories are stimulated and you go into a sad condition as well! And this 1 day when u are in this condition, can effect lots of your matters. This is what these things do. They are like stimulators. And can stimulate very dangerous things inside u. To mention another:

And here is the most DANGEROUS of all effects!! And that is for sure ---->

Anyone who watches Movies & Tv series on a very regular basis, loses his/her own personality and tries to act like what he/she sees. From talking style to thinking. Everything becomes that of the movie or tv serial characters. And this thing is so dangerous, that this even effects lots of decisions which we people take in LIFE! YES! IN "REAL LIFE". And believe me. That is a huuuge thing!

When our life decisions are based on inspiration from movies & tv series and lousy characters, then that is the ultimate limit of pathetic-ness and this means we are useless & nothing. Because anyone who loose their own personality and become the character of some movie or tv serial, and allow it to effect them to such an extent that it not only starts effecting their speech and body language BUT ALSO life decisions and become a criteria for them of 'what to do in life', then that means that person is a LOSER and a useless blind follower who has no self-respect what so ever and who bends to every wind flowing out there. Even if some TV actor tells them to take out their undergarment and put it on their face and become cool spider man. Trust me: THEY WILL!!

And believe me, that is one of the characteristics of dajjal that he will attract people like this and many will get attracted. (im not calling tv a dajjal, i believe dajjal to be a person but i consider these tools to be his best weapons). So make your choice everyone. Whether to let your life go on like this and become blind followers of movie & tv serial characters (dajjal) OR to have a free thinking mind and personality of your own. I mean COME ON! Have some self respect. You are no puppet. You have a thinking mind and a heart.

If you truly want to be a follower and follow someone in talking style and walking and thinking etc etc, then that 1 perfect person on this earth is Prophet Muhammad (sallalaho alayhi wassalam). Try to copy him without any shame or hesitation, and then see the changes it brings to your life. Trust me. Sisters you wont have to call QTV for your problems if you do that. Brothers you wont have to live a low life if you do that. Trust me. I am trying insha Allah. Lets vow to try to copy him insha Allah from this day onwards. O Allah give us istaqamah. Aaameen