Asalam o alaykum wr wb. Tamam members mutawajjo hon. Especially ameer log :P
Time has come for all you respected members help & a great chance for all of you to spend your money for the right purpose.

Shifa medical College's, Islamabad, Islamic society known as Shifa Student Society is holding a great Islamic event called "Shifa Interscholastic Tournament" in January 2012. This is a completely Islamic event with lots of competitions and different schools & universities from different cities will participate in it. There will also be renowned scholars of Pakistan and WEST coming to this tournament and they will be giving lectures on various topics. To mention one, the famous Hamza Tzortsis is coming too. The main aim of this event is to teach the youth of Pakistan that Islam is not a backward religion & it encourages entertainment too. For more details you people can visit:

Alhamdulilah. SSS has held 4 events so far with great success. For list of their events. U can chek the above mentioned website. I am also a part of this society and want to help them with whatever i can. This is a great chance to gain endless reward and sadqa jariya. HOW???
I personally know some people who got changed through these conferences and Allah knows how many changed whom i dont know. So imagine if there is some share of you to make this event possible, whatever good happens there, whoever changes, whoever benefits anything, every single word that the scholar utter from their mouth, a part of reward goes into your account. And surely an endless sadqa jariya because many people will carry this message and organize such events in Pakistan by getting inspired from these people. So whatever they do, a part of reward keeps coming to your amaal account. So please respected members. Your help is needed to raise fund to make this event possible.

I want to mention that last time i mentioned a blind scholar who needed our help and Alhamdulilah i was able to raise 28000rs only from this group!! ALHAMDULILAH! And before that we did an aftari program in ramadhan in lahore and only through this group, we were able to raise 38000 rs. Alhamdulilah. May Allah reward all those who contributed. So here is another chance for all of us. Jazak Allah khair. For details contact me.

by Br. Mohammad Ali on Islamic Brothers
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