Marriage Fiqh

Marriage Fiqh

The basic element or brick of human society is home.Home is based on legal marriage.Islam gives too much importance to institute of marriage.There are some important issues which must be taken into account by the families and couples who are going to start a new life.

From the Pen of Allama Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer

[1] Importance of Marriage
[2] A man cannot marry his mehrams or cannot take two sisters in one Nikah
[3] Consent of Wali or Guardian is very important
[4] Women cannot be forced for Nikah
[5] No requirement of wali for revert migrant Muslim woman
[6] At least two witnesses are required for Marriage/Nikah
[7] Mehar is an obligation
[8] Who Muslim can Marry and Who Muslim can not Marry
[9] Age is not an issue in Marriage
[10] There is no harm in Polygamy
[11] Temporary marriage or Mutah is not allowed in Islam
[12] A sister cannot be married against wife [as Mehar] (Shighar is not permitted)

Book on “Marriage fiqh” including following
By  Noble Shaykh Abu 'Abdullaah Muhammad ibn al 'Uthaymeen

[1] Marriage Fiqh in detail
Islamic Guide on Sexual Relations
[1] Islamic guide on Sexual Relation