Wonderful Discussion on "Human observations and universal facts have no precedence on sayings of Holy prophet (p.b.u.h)."

In the name of Allah , the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. 


 Allama Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer:
"Some people judge sayings of Holy prophet on basis of so called universal facts and general human wisdom .It should be a belief of true believer that every one is subject to error except Rasool salal laho aliehio wasalam.An authentic hadith transferred through authentic chain of narrators is preserved like Quran .Human observations and universal facts have no precedence on sayings of Holy prophet (p.b.u.h)."

In facebook page of Islam. I live for it, One of Admin have wonderful discussion with One of Member and In Shaa Allah, It will help you to understand the above statement more.

Member :

"I agree brother/sister that there no precedence on hadith.. But what you are getting wrong is not to check it with established facts. . This increases the faith in ones heart. For example allah says in the quran that the light of moon is not its own but it is borrowed light which is an established fact. The earth is like an ostriches egg. This is an established fact that an ostriches egg is geo spherical exactly like the earth and not spherical or cubic or anything. When we check our religion with the established facts not theories and all our faith gets stronger and we are able to do dawah better." 
 "Brother, As far as Islam is concern then Everything mention in Quran and Authentically narrated to us from Messenger of Allah Muhammad [saww] is fact and can not be Wrong.

Example for It was common in past that Earth is straight and then it is known that Earth is spherical But opinion of Quran did not change on Earth,(1400 years) that it is ostriches egg like shape and recently [almost 100 year or 200 years] it become universal fact through science that Earth is ostriches egg shape.

Like wise, It is very clear in narrations from messenger of Allah Muhammad (saww) that moon was split into two pieces as miracles and sign of Prophethood of Muhammad (saww) but science have recently confirmed this fact.

So Islam remain truth and fact across the centuries but opinion of people and statement of science have altered."
 I totally agree with you [smile]. That is what I want to say established fact. Something which is unambiguously correct.. 1 more example sun rotates about its own axis.. Discovered some decades ago. Man can marry more than 1 woman and today we know woman population everywhere is more than men naturally except India due to female infanticide. I mean to say if we correlate established truths of science with quran and hadith we can bring that nonbelievers close to the truth. In sha Allah, I am sure our aims are same.
 Actually people make hundred of excuses when we ask them to follow Quran O Sunnah in their life and so our answer to them is that Quran o Sunnah is establish truth and wisdom for whole humanity and Human brain sometime able to capture to truth and wisdom mentions in Quran O Sunnah and sometimes is failed to understand BUT in both case[when understand and when not understand], One have to believe and follow Quran O Sunnah strictly.

May Allah grant us understanding of Deen. [[AMEEN]
Name of Admin: Mohammad Rana Usman Nisar
Name of Member: Danish Mushtaq