Adult Issues/Question: "Porns or/and sexual pictures to fulfills one desires inorder to avoid Zina [ Illegal Sexual Intercourse ]

All praises be to Allah,

“Respected brothers and Sisters in Islam, Such pictures, rather than curb or fulfill the desire, are designed to increase it inducing one to further prohibited acts and finally Zina (adultery or fornication).

Allah says in the Glorious Qur’an,
'And come not even close to Zina. Indeed it is obscenity and a most evil way.'
(Al-Isra’: 33)

This is corroborated by the hadith of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) appearing in both Al-Bukhari and Muslim explaining the different categories of adultery:
'Lustful glances constitute Zina of the eyes. Listening (to flirtations or lewd talks or songs) constitute Zina of the ears. (Licentious and lewd) speech constitutes Zina of the tongue. The (lustful) grip of the hand constitutes its Zina, and the movement of the feet (toward the act of Zina) is likewise. The heart lusts and desires. These are then either fulfilled by the private parts or rejected.”
(Riyad As-Saliheen) [Abu Huraira reported, Muslim :: Book 33 : Hadith 6422]

Moreover, these excesses sap and drain the Iman (Faith) of the believer so much so that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, 'The adulterer, during the act of Zina, is devoid of Iman.' (Al-Bukhari)

USEFUL METHOD TO AVOID Porns or/and sexual pictures:

1. Fearing Allah [Swt] and remembering again and again that Allah is All knowledgeable and Judge of Day of Judgement whenever Satan raises desire in your heart.
2. Learning and practicing  the Manners which Allah [swt] have mentioned in Surah Al-Nur of Quran. [click here to read Surah Al-Nur]
3. Punctuality in prayers/Reciting Al-Quran
4. Fasting frequently
5. Avoiding bad company of misguided friends
6. Spend idle time in zikar e elahi, excercise or healthy entertainment
7. Reading healthy literature  [Hadith Books, Stories of Prophets, Books of Scholars etc]
8. Use Software like k9 web protection and ask any of your friends/brother/sister/elder to add password so that browser can not open Adult websites. [click here to download]
9. Polygamy, Early Marriage

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