Message: Whenever we turn on Tv

All praises be to Allah

Whenever we turn on Tv else then few Islamic channels available, We look continues at screen may be its News or Drama or movie or documentary But we are Looking at Woman and man [where as we Surah Nur 30 and 31 order to lower our gazes] and listening musical instrument in background of lyrics, news, documentaries etc [where as [Luqmaan 31:6] al-Bukhaari, no. 5590 are evidences of prohibition of music]

Islam Teaching on Music
Advise to low Gazes

Message by Brother Mohammad Ali
O young people. Don't you understand? What they show on media (TV serials, advertisements etc) is like a stimulator. It stimulates negative emotions in people, which result in self destruction. See the advertisements in which they are showing women to sell their products. They stimulate wrong emotions in people, and what do the people do afterwards?

robably go to internet and see more (u know what more means) to fulfill their desire.

They show beautifully adorned women in every add. A guy standing with three famous prostitutes of pak film industry, selling mobile. I want to ask what ideology they want to promote through this scene? 

They show that a guy is in love with a girl and is talking to her on phone all night and both love each other and exchange sms and sms package is so cheap so "buy this sim". I want to ask what happens after that? Do they even care what might happen after this girl and boy exchange sms and phone calls? They dont give a damn!! They just want their product sold. But the poor young ones have to suffer the consequences and psychological torture.

I want to ask they have sold their product by showing a woman but do they care what actually is happening because of their encouraging of such ideology (men and women mixing, having haram relations, talking to each other all night, exchanging songs, one man standing with three girls, a girl having a lot of boyfriends, a flirtious girl).

Don't we see families going out fully adorned in beautiful clothing and "fashion", and the guy is looking at other females and other perverts are looking at his sister but he doesn't care? Why? Because "woman, woman, woman" is all in his mind. What you watch effects your mind. Simple psychology rule.

I want to ask do they want to build a healthy society or a immoral wicked society?
Do they want to see adulterers, mental, frustrated, sex freak patients walking in street or peaceful good people responsible for building a healthy society? 
They say extremist mullahs impose extremist ideologies on others. I want to ask isn't the media doing the same? Aren't they imposing their ideology on people? Aren't they also preaching something?

When asked all this. The dumb ones have one common reply:

Wake up my brothers & sisters. Stop fooling yourself by such childish logics. Or else what Allama Iqbal said might come true:
"Your culture will commit suicide by your own dagger.."