Two Hadiths of Saqalain

In the name of Allah , the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.
In books of Hadith two types of texts are found related to the legacy of prophet

1 Quran and Sunnah

2 Quran and ahle bait

There is no contradiction between two because Ahle bait according
to Quran are wives and offsprings of Holy prophet. So we should
not ignore any member of house hold of Holy prophet .When we
sum up both hadiths result is that two sets of commands are Quran and hadith and two heavy things are Quran and ahle bait.Which means commands will be words of Allan and His Rasool salal laho aliehi wasalam and heavy things means that understanding and respect of ahle bait will have crucial importance for Muslims.The contribution of Khadija radi Allahu Anha from household of prophet is a full fledge chapter of Islamic history.Indeed from household of prophet salal laho aliehi wasalam Ayesha radi allaha anha and Ali radi Allahu anha were experts in deen .Thousands of Hadith were narrated by Ayesha Radi Allahu Anha and decision of Ali Radi Allahu anhu were remarkable during the time period of Abu bakar ra, Umer raand also during his own regime.Similarly Umme Salam radi Allaha anha had high understanding of deen.The book which we recite at this moment was a copy of mushaf mantained by Syeda Hafsa radi Allaha anha.Fatimah radi Allaha Anha was a copy of Rasool salal laho aliehi wasalam in her character.So all the members of household were/are source of inspiration for whole Ummah.What made them great was their attitude towards Commands of Allah and His Rasool salal laho aliehi wasalam.All of them devoted their selves and resources for sake of deen .Although The Contribution of Ahle bait is great but authority in the matter of deen is Book of Allah and Sunnah of His prophet salal laho aliehi wasalam

by Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer on Monday, 04 April 2011