BOLLYWOOD DECEPTION [partially urdu]

By Mohammad Ali

It is very much seen that now a days majority of Indian songs contain the word "Allah, Rabb or Khuda" and consider ishq with a girl to be more important and superior than Allah Almighty. Unfortunately many weak faith Muslims do not realise the seriousness of this issue and not only listen to such songs but sing these songs as well. However this constitutes kufr and shirk which is an unforgiveable sin in Islam. There is absolutely no doubt about the propaganda of Bollywood behind such despicable songs & lyrics. They want Muslims aqeeda to be ruined and want muslims to underestimate the greatness of Allah subhana wataala. They also want muslims to believe in such a god who is powerless and who has sent all human beings on earth to do ishq with a girl and who himself has done ishq with females. When you tell this to some Muslims they in reply say: "Wo hamarey Allah ko thori kehtey hain. Wo tau bhagwan ko kehtey hain. Apnay khuda ko."
Apnay khuda ko??? Are u kidding me? Kaun khuda? Kia Allah ke ilawa bhi koi Khuda hai? Allah hi se sab mangtey hain lekin concept of Allah Almighty har eik ke zehan mei different hai.The concept of god in mind of hindus is that god is like human beings and he does all things which human beings do.

If you read Hindu religious scriptures, it is mentioned that god also falls in love with a woman (written in mahabatra). It is also believed that god ramayana (rama) fought for his love from another person. It is also mentioned that god karishna used to steal clothes of women who were taking bath in a river. It is also believed that god watches females dancing and enjoys that. Take a look at a dialogue from the Indian movie: "Bumm Bumm bole"

Wife: "Kia khabar laye?"
Husband: "Khabar ye ke Bhagwan ji upar naach dekhnay mei lagey hain aur idar dunya mei kia ho raha hai wo inhe pata nahi."

What more can be said of such people who consider god to be private parts of male and female.

Sadly many name sake Muslims who know nothing about Tawheed/shirk listen to these as 'ruh ki ghiza' and end up loving some girl more than Allah Almighty. The concept of Allah is totally ruined in their minds. And they send kisses to the sky and make prayers to Allah to show them jhalak of their mehboob and that the mehboob gets convinced. May Allah save us from such a blasphemic concept of Allah Almighty. May Allah give hidayah to those who write these lyrics and if hidayah is not in their qadr, then may Allah destroy them. A Muslim can never bear that shirk be done in Allah Almighty's Majesty. Allah says:
"And they say: "The Most Beneficent (Allâh) has begotten a son. Indeed you have brought forth (said) a terrible evil thing. Whereby the heavens are almost torn, and the earth is split asunder, and the mountains fall in ruins." (19:88-90)

Imagine the ghazab of Allah Almighty reflecting from this ayah. Shame on those Muslims who hear to these blasphemic songs and dialogues and do not feel anything.