In the name of Allah , the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.


Watching movies has a bad effect on the individual and on the ummah. These include the following:

1- Provocation of desires. Its like a stimulator. It stimulates desires which end in you know what.

2- Propagation of immorality which is made attractive and easily accessible.

3- Teaching and justification of crime, and making it familiar to young and old.

4- Corruption of married life, by making the wife seem ugly to the husband and vice versa, by showing images of attractive girls and men.

5- Spreading corrupt beliefs which are based on kaafir theories, such as the theory of evolution, or attributing the powers of creation and destruction to researchers and inventors, or propagating magic, soothsaying and claims to know the unseen, or making fun of religion and religious people, and other things which appear in movies that are shown to young and old.

6- Wasting time and draining away energy, living with illusions far removed from reality. Especially Indian movies. Which show the hero as the luckiest guy in the world and everything turns out to be great for him and he gets rich and gets the prettiest girl on earth and lives happily ever after.