I was just looking at a cartoon and i saw in it how religious people are being made fun of,

BY Mohammad Ali
Asalam o alaikum wr wb

I was just looking at a cartoon and i saw in it how religious people are being made fun of. How religion is being shown as some 'uncool' thing and how those who follow it are thought of being 'uncool'. That to me is a huge propaganda of those controlling the media. The biggest hurdle is being created. The hurdle which prevents our young ones to come to Islam. They want to be like the majority(which is shown to be 'fashionable' in media). But through media they are being shown that those who are religious or act on religion are very uncool people and are usually losers who dont succeed in the high paced world. That is the reason you will for surely see that when you interact with young generation they take you (if you are religious) as mockery and call names like 'maulvi sahab' 'mullah' etc. They tend to run away from you. They act like you know nothing about the world and you are backward. They make you feel like you dont fit into this 'fast moving' world.

Gear up my friends! An age of great difficulties is coming up. You have no idea what kind of sick people are controlling the media and how fastly and immensely they are spreading their filth. Start developing patience in you brothers and sisters, for this is an immense age of frustration. Our enemies want to take advantage of our frustration and anger. We must develop patience and habit to just swallow whatever we are confronted with, whether it be funny names, harsh replies or insults. For the Holy Prophet sallalaho alayhi wassalam was called insane and backward too. But Allah showed the world who is insane and who then became the king of the world!