By Mohammad Ali 

Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim [rhm] said,

"Of the tricks of the enemy of Allah, Satan, that he uses to trap those who do not enjoy much intelligence, knowledge or sincerity in religion, are Mukaa' and Tasdiyyah. These people of ignorance listen to and use musical instruments that are prohibited and which lead the hearts to abandoning the Qur’an. These hearts are indulging in sin and disobedience of Allah. Music, then, is Satan's Qur’an and the barrier between one and Allah.

It is the way to sodomy and adultery. With it, the lover finds what he seeks and dreams of sinful love. Satan has trapped the weak hearts in the love of singing and made it beautiful to them. Satan reveals to his agents' fake proofs that they use as evidence to the beauty of singing. These people accept Satan's revelation and, as a consequence, abandon the Qur’an. When you witness them while listening, you will find them silent in humbleness, sitting idle and their hearts are concentrating and totally enjoying music and singing. Their hearts will feel closer to music, as if they were drunk. They dance and move in a suggestive manner, like faggots and loose women. And why not? They are drunk with the pleasure of listening to music and singing and act accordingly. For other than Allah, and for Satan, there are hearts that are being broken by sin, and fortunes that are being spent for other than Allah's Pleasure. They spend their lives in joyful fun and make a mockery of their religion. Instruments of the devil are sweeter to their ears than the Qur’an. If one of them listens to the Qur’an from beginning to end, it will have little effect or excitement on him. If Satan's Qur’an is being performed and heard, they feel joy in their hearts and one can see it in their eyes. Their feet dance, their hands clap, their breathing intensifies and the rest of their bodies feel joy. O you who are trapped in this sin, you who have sold your share of Allah to Satan, what a losing deal! Why not feels this joy when you listen to the Qur’an? Why not feel pleasure and comfort when the Glorious Qur’an is recited? But, everyone seeks what he feels is suitable for him, and ends up with what is really suitable for him."
[Ighathat Al-Lahfan].