Obstacles in way of following Quran and Sunnah

by Allama Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer 

Quran and Sunnah are the two documents which are indeed essential for success in this life and hereafter.But Unluckily we have been detracted from right path due to some of the following reasons proved from Quran and sunnah

1 Blind following of leaders and religious scholars

2 Blind following of forefathers

3 Bad company of misguided friends

4 Following desires and instincts and thus tampering clear commands to fulfill desires

5 Fear of damages from elites and ruling class

6 To think Deen is outdated

7 Greed of wealth and offices

8 Fear of resistance from tribes and society

9 More love of relatives and wealth compared to Allah and His Rasool (p.b.u.h)

10 Prejudice of group and party

11 Fear of being insulted and mocked by others

12 Disbelief in Creator and Day of Judgement