International Brotherhood Identity

By Adil Sulman

Living in the U.A.E, this beard has become my identity. A place where people following different religions live, the second person understands that i'm a muslim even before i utter a word. Two instance that have given this point very very confirmed status:

1. Back in 2006/2007, while i was working on a project in dubai, me and 2 other team members (both muslims) were walking in a super market in a line. I was the last one. A man passed by us, ignoring the two persons in front of me, as he passed by me he loudly said "ASALAM-O-ALAIKUM" and I replied. Both my colleages turned and one of them said "INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD". I was very proud of these few hair that ALLAH has grown on my face.

2. A few days back and also today, when i was entering the project site I stopped at the gate for usual ID card scanning. the gaurd (clean shaved) bent down to the car window to scan the card and said "ASALAM-O-ALAIKUM" and I replied. Yet again I was instantly identified as a muslim.

The point is brothers, KEEP THE BEARD. Its the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W). Its the international Identity that Allah and the Holy Prophet has given us.
And all the sisters urge ur mehram males to keep a beard.