Do the Souls of the Dead Return back to the World ?

A Popular theme of many horror and thriller novels, movies and TV Programs centers around the false belief that when someone is killed unjustly, his soul return in order to seek justice, or it keeps wandering until justice is done to it. Repeated exposure to this false concept from every form of media has lead many to unknowingly believe in it, because if a thing is repeated many times it is taken as a reality by the mind.

Whilst some take this concept very seriously, and make use of un-Islamic measures, like the hanging of amulets and pagan rituals to protect themselves from the revengeful soul, others simply consider these issues to be unimportant and do not bother to seek knowledge about it.
But the fact remains, that not only do many people fear the souls, but entire religions are focused around . . . . . .( Continued in the Book, Insha-Allah)

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The Book Contains topics like
Islamic Concept of the Soul
Journey of the Soul after Death
Questioning in the Grave
Observed Phenomenon

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