The errors we do in our daily Salaah - Must Read

“Ruku, prostration, Quoma and Jalsa were of equal duration in the prayer of the Prophet (Pbuh).”
(Transmitted by Al-Bukhari)

*Jalsa = Jalsah is the sitting between the two sajdahs.
*Quoma = It is the standing after Ruku

Abu Qatada (R.a) reports, the Prophet (pbuh) said “Worst of all thieves is the thief of prayer.” The people said, “ O Messenger of Allah ! What is the theft of prayer?” He (Pbuh) said, “He who does not perform ruku and prostration with composure, is the thief of prayer.”
(Transmitted my Ahmad)

It is sad to say that many people in the masjid Dont offer their Salah in the right way, for example, their Ruku is long while their Qouma (standing after ruku) is very short, hence going against the practice of the Prophet of Mercy (Pbuh).

Please Read the following book in which Imam Ahmad has mentioned many such errors,

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