Important points to overcome moral/ sexual corruption

Steps to be taken to over come sexual /moral corruption

When we properly read Quran and Sunnah we find many beneficial points that can help us to overcome sexual and moral corruption in society:

1 Firm belief in Allah and Day of judgement
2 Punctuality in Salah
3 Frequently remembering Allah swt(Zikar e Ilahi)
4 Proper monitoring of Children and dependants
5 Proper Hijab and Niqab
6 Physical Segregation of genders especially in education and functions
5 Marriage in early ages
6 Polygamy/polygyny
7 Avoiding music/dance
8 Proper use of media
9 Scrutiny of sensual literature
10 Fasting frequently
11 Avoiding bad company of deviated fellows at work place and otherwise
12 Avoid sitting with opposite genders in loneliness
13 Knowledge about consequences of moral corruption
13 Seeking company of ulemas and pious people
14 Seeking good hobbies like riding ,swimming ,shooting etc
15 Implementation of Islamic laws for adulterers and homosexuals

If we follow all these steps InshaAllah we can overcome every kind of moral and sexual corruption .May Allah clean our society from every kind of corruption ameen.