help our brother to arrange Iftar and Islamic lectures for poors of Pakistan


I am going to make a very important announcement. Some of us brothers have started a campaign of arranging aftaris for poor people. After that we will be giving them dars and teaching them proper method of prayer. If anyone of you is interested, he/she can help us by sending some money for his/her part in this noble deed. Alhamdulila all members here are very learned so there is no need to tell them the reward of charity and how sadqa washes away sins like we never did them. So if anyone is interested. They can send through easy paisa to me. I guarantee them that their part will be used in this noble work insha Allah.
Muhamad Ali
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Come on. Do it people. You spend a lot of money here and there :@ Do it!! Kia apka Islam internet tak mehdood hai ya kuch practically karne ka bi irada hai??

by Mohammad Ali

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