Iftar at FIVE stars hotel

Note by Brother Mohammad Ali

Asalam o alaikum wr wb

On wednesday i went to a hotel with some brothers for iftar. It was salt n pepper grill, Lahore. Many of us go to hotels to eat especially buffets, without realizing the seriousness of the issue. So i feel its very important to share this issue with everyone.
Allah says:
"Eat and drink, but waste not by extravagance." [al-A'raaf 7:31]

If we look at ourselves or at those who go to such hotels and waste 900,1100,1200,1500 and even 2000 rs for food of one time, then we are totally going against this ayah and taking this matter very lightly. Moreover when we go to such hotels, music is being played and strangely dressed women and men have come who think they are going to some wedding party or something. We not only waste a lot of money, but also waste a lot of food and eman. In the hotel i went, there was so much crowd and no separation of male/female. After the iftar, the food opened and male and females ran after the food. In this crowd u never know u may get in touch with the opposite sex. And no one cares about that. Families have come with their females dressing like immoral women and have left them to wander there like cattle.

And i never understand the psyche behind dressing well in order to go to a hotel. I mean you are going to feed yourselves there, not your clothes. This reminds me of Shaykh Saadi incident. An authentic one. Once he was invited at a very royal feast. He went there in common clothes. The guards stopped him and said he is not properly dressed to enter. So he went back and changed his clothes and wore expensive ones and came back. When he entered the party, he started to pour his clothes into the food. People started to wonder and asked him whats this. He said aren't these clothes invited for the feast? Because i came in my common clothes and was sent back. So the same situation is in these hotels. I do not see any good in going to such places. U waste ur money and u waste ur eman. U may get involved in fitna. And above all, u are being sinful and might be gaining Allah's displeasure. I know this has become a status symbol and rich people who make a lot of money do not consider this an extravagance at all. But Holy prophet(pbuh) said that Allah will ask us of the blessings He has granted us that how we spent them. Also the rules of not listening to music and not going to places of fitna apply to rich people as well. Doesn't it?

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