Look! there goes a Molvi

by Abu Jammaz also publish on Islamic Brother Forum

Sometimes we say things and pay no heed to how it effects our Faith. In our daily lives, many things are done JUST FOR FUN, or at least thats what we think, but does Allah bear it? well I think FUN is the word Allah disregards????!!!!

Indeed FUN is regarded hideous, when it comes to serious matters. I do not need to explain what psychological effects it creats when a person is saying something serious and the listener throws a joke in return!

Islam is really serious about the word ‘FUN’! Salaf had agreed on declaring a person ‘Kafir’ (infidel) who makes fun of any matter of Deen. Sheikh ul Islam Imam Ibn e Taimiyyah, Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab, and others described this point in their scripts and declared such people as Kuffar. The evidence they give is:

Abdullah bin Wahab said, Hisham bin Saad informed me, Zaid bin Aslam narrated, Abdullah bin Umar R.A narrated, in the battle of ‘Tabook’ a person said in one gathering, I have never seen people with such plumpy bellies like our Qurras (reciters) have, nor did I see any big liar than them and nor did I meet anyone having such arrogance while meeting. A man of Masjid said, you lied and you are a hypocrite, I will surely tell this to the Prophet of Allah – and he did. The Verses of Quran revealed. Abdullah bin Umar R.A said, I saw him being dragged by the reigns of the Prophet’s camel (in order to get the attention of the Prophet) and was being tumbled by the rocks and trying to justify:

"We were only conversing and playing”

The Prophet of Allah said:

“Say, "Is it Allah and His verses and His Messenger that you were mocking?"Make no excuse; you have disbelieved after your belief.”

Isnt this exactly what we say to our religious figures? Molvis do this, they have the most plumpiest bellies, they lie, atleast we are better than them, etc! Same is the case with a person who keeps a beard and a sister who starts wearing Hijaab; we just mock them and try our best to redicule them with the words like Molvi (though it isnt a bad word, but now it is used for mockery) and others. In actual we are mocking ourselves because it is we, who do not follow the commands of Allah and not the one whom we are mocking, because in this case he is a lot better than us, because unlike us atleast he looks like a Muslim. It is a human nature, when a person lacks something, he tries to find errors in others, who do not lack and this way he tries to satisfy himself. When a person keeps a beard, his brothers and friends would surely mock him for the very same reason, because there would be a voice in them cursing them and they would definitely defy him and in this way sometimes lose their Iman.

My topic is general, but the example of beard is so common that I would like to present it as for the common issue:

Sheikh Bin Baaz was asked about the person who makes fun of the fellow Muslim who had kept the beared. He answered thus:

This is different, if he targets the beard which is an order of Allah and is a part of Deen, surely he had commited apostacy (because apostacy is not only commited by words but certain actions also lead towards it, like to spit purposely on Quran, to walk on it and make fun of Deen), as Allah SWT said:

“Say, "Is it Allah and His verses and His Messenger that you were mocking?" Make no excuse; you have disbelieved after your belief.”

But if his aim is not Deen, rather he is targetting the person for any other reason (like he did not comb it properly), even then it is not allowed in any case and a person is in danger, because at any time he can mistakenly enter into Kufar (infidelity). (Majmo’ Fatawa bin Baaz 28/365, 366)

Sheikh Saleh Al Munajjid declared it as a ‘Fisq’ if not targeted Beard, but if it is done, then Kufar.

So my brothers and sisters in Islam! We must take care of it, because we go too far in making fun of such things and it is more dangerous for us as we are Muslims and we must defend at any case our religious figures and the orders of Allah and must respect them. If we do not respect, then how can we expect from the people of other religions to respect us. I agree that there are number of so called religious figures who have disgraced the name of Islam by their actions, but let me ask you, does it allow you to mock this respectable title of Deen – ‘Molvi’? Islam is not what people practice and what their actions present, it is Quran and the life of our Prophet. The word Molvi is derived from ‘Mawla’ which is the name of Allah SWT and the word ‘Molvi’ means a person referred to Mawla. The reference is towards Allah and was indeed a blessed title until British came to the subcontinent and started bearing hatred in the hearts of the Muslims for those, who were the main threat to their existance. Remember when we are saying the Molvi is bad, it means we are targetting Islam

For example, when we say that the son of so and so is bad, the reason we make the name of the father prominent is that we want to direct this to the father. Which means we target the father more than the son. Same is the case with islamic figures, when we say, that Molvi is bad we direct this to Islam, otherwise there is no logical reason why the name Molvi is pointed rather than calling him by his own name to specify his own personality only.

Similarly, the Fatwah of Imam Abu Hanifa (R.A) is well known as he said, if anyone rejoices while looking at himself in the mirror after shaving his beard, he becomes Kafir, because he feels happiness on disobeying Allah, instead of being ashamed of himself which is (an act of treason) BEWARE my brothers BEWARE!

Similarly, when a person tries to tell us something about Islam, we start making fun of him, like start asking too much questions or annoying him by asking too much stupid questions which also leads to Kufar sometimes and if a person dies in this state, we all know what he shall face!

Furthermore, we see many jokes forwarded on text messages on Hell fire, paradise, molvis, etc. We must fear Allah and immediately remove those text messgaes. We do not even care while making a funny joke on fire, and we all laugh vigorously on it whereas Sahabah used to cry and faint after hearing the name of Hell fire, but what do we do???!!!! We do not pay attention and ague, come on its just a JOKE!

Here are some important things to do:

-Whenever someone tries to say something about Islam, we must listen carefully with respect and humility. Be serious and do not defy or refute in any case, unless there is a problem with that and you have an evidence from Quran and Sunnah against what he said. If you do not have the evidence and proof, stay silent and accept it with heart unless you find out the proof against it, because the person is representing Allah and His Prophet:
“O you who have believed, do not raise your voices above the voice of the Prophet or be loud to him in speech like the loudness of some of you to others, lest your deeds become worthless while you perceive not.”

Raising the voice means to give more value to your statements than the Hadith of the Prophet as described by Prophet of Allah himself when a companion stopped speaking after the revealation of this verse as he thought his voice to be louder than the Prophet’s. Therefore, to give logics and defying the Saheeh Hadith of the Prophet or the verses of Quran is strongly condemned by Islam and a person at anytime can enter into Kufar.

The Salaf had Ijmaa on this Point that refuting or defying any order of Allah intentioally is an apostacy. However, if a person accepts everything by heart but does not fulfill or carry out the commands of Allah and His Prophet, due to laziness or weakness of Faith, then he would be a sinful not Kafir.

-Similarly whoever laughs or jokes on your beard or anything Islamic, try your best to change the topic in order to save him from commiting Kufar.

-Whenever you meet with any ignorant, who do not pay much importance to Islam, say Salam and pass away silently and forbear!As Allah SWT said:

“and when the ignorant address them [harshly], they say [words of] peace,”

-never ever argue without knowledge and especially with Scholars as they are much knowledgeable and know things which you may not be able to know after spending a long period, but yes the discussion is allowed with all due respect.

“Those who dispute (argue) concerning the signs of Allah without an authority having come to them - great is hatred [of them] in the sight of Allah and in the sight of those who have believed. Thus does Allah seal over every heart [belonging to] an arrogant tyrant.”

May Allah show us the right path and save us from such dangers which may become the cause of elimination of our deeds and our Islam! Ameen! 
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