Time Management --- Simple Answer ???

Brother Mugheerah Luqman on Islamic Brothers:

As far as I believe, the best thing is to organize yourself through Prayer... If a person makes himself determined on this, he can do anything in this world as in Muawatta Imam Malik it is narrated that Umar R.A ordered his governors to never ever let the prayer time go, and he said, if your perfect in prayer then I wont be worried about you as you'll be perfect in all your responsibilities too... similarly the Prophet of Allah said about prayer:
اذا صلحت صلح العمل كله, واذا فسدت فسد سائر العمل * الحديث
 Whose prayer is good, his every deed is good, whose prayer is bad, his all deeds are bad.
besides logically, prayer binds you to a timetable and organizes you, so if a person can be perfect in this, he can surely be perfect in any of this world!