Are prophets Alive??

Yes. Prophets are alive. And living a great life with Allah subhana wata'aala. Their test (life of this world) is over. And they have reached their reward. But they have no connection to life of this world. They have transformed to a new phase of life known as 'Barzakh'. The literal meaning of the word barzakh is 'Barrier'. The name of this word itself suggests that anyone who passes onto barzakh i-e when he dies in the world, is screened from everything happening in world. Allah said in Holy Quran: "and behind them is Barzakh (a barrier) until the Day when they will be resurrected." (23:100) As for the life of this world. Then that phase is over for Prophets (alayhi salam ajmaeen) and they have died. But transformed to a new phase of life. Known as barzakh. Where they are alive, happy, leading a great life. And will stay there till the Day of Judgement. And Allah knows best.

Their life is different than life of this world and has no connection to it. People who say such things are la ilm. They do not have proper knowledge about different phases of life. 1st phase was aalam e irwah. When Allah Almighty gathered all spirits (irwah) and took a covenant from them: " And (remember) when your Lord brought forth from the Children of Adam, from their loins, their seed and made them testify as to themselves (saying): "Am I not your Lord?" They said: "Yes! We testify." (7:172) So all the irwah were alive in this phase. And heard Allah Almighty and took covenant with Him. But no one remembers what aalam e irwah looked like. No one remembers how Allah talked to us. No one. So its proven that it was a different phase of life which was not connected to life of this world. Neither is life of this world connected to aalam e irwah. There are still some spirits to enter this world (babies who are to born). And they still are in aalam e irwah. But they do not hear or see sights and sounds of this world. Similarly those who hav passed test of this life and have died are iin aalam e barzakh and they dont hear or see sights and sounds of this world and that life is completely different and not attached to life of this world. You yourself think bro. Why would a human being, who has passed his test, made Allah happy, and reached his reward and leading an eternal life of bliss, want to come back to this world and get a new job (of listening to people and helping them)? This doesn't make sense and destroys the very purpose of JANNAH which is eternal happiness and no responsibility. Human being will be free there. In Eternal bliss. May Allah Almighty make us all among the inhabitants of jannah. Allahumma inni as'alukal jannat al firdous. ameen
Aws ibn Aws relates: the prophet PBUH said, "…so invoke more blessing on me that day (Friday) for your blessing will be submitted to me" The people asked, "Apostle of Allah PBUH! How can it be that our blessing will be submitted to you while your body is decayed" He replied, "Allah the exalted has prohibited the earth from consuming the bodies of the prophets" Sunan abo dawood vol 1, p 269, no 1042 Saheeh Abo dawood vol 1, p 196, no 925 Sanan ibn maajah vol 2, p 149, no 1085 Saheeh sunan ibn maajah vol 1, p 179, no 889 The correct belief regarding the life of the messenger of Allah PBUH in the grave after his death Points. 1. The bodies of the prophets never become decayed because the earth can't consume them 2. They're alive in their grave but not in the same sense as they were in this world. The correct creed is that Muslim must believe that the prophets are alive but what kind of life they live is unknown and we are not to inquire about it. 3. There's no evidence which can prove that they hear the speech and salutation made to them directly. However what is clearly mentioned in the Hadith is that Allah has appointed the angels to collect the speech and salutation from the people and bring it to the messenger of Allah PBUH. (The Etiquette of a Muslim on Friday by Abu Ibraheem Abdul Majid Alee Hassan, page. 23-29) As the following Hadith explain It is reported that the messenger of Allah PBUH said "Allah has angels who travel about in the earth and convey to me greetings from my people" Saheeh sunan an nasaaee vol 1, p 274, no 1215 This Hadith explain that it's the duty of angels to carry the invocation of the people to the messenger of Allah PBUH. Therefore there's no need to go to the grave of the messenger of Allah PBUH. In fact, prophet PBUH disliked gathering being made at his grave, it's also mention in Hadith Abu Hurayrah reported that he had heard the messenger of Allah PBUH say, "Don't turn your houses into graves and don't make my grave a place to gather for visitation but invoke blessing upon me for your blessing will reach me wherever you are" Sunan Abu dawood vol 2, p 542-3, no 2037 Saheeh sunan Abu dawood vol 1, p 383, no 1796 There's another Hadith Abu Hurayrah reported the messenger of Allah PBUH as saying "If anyone of you greets me Allah will returns my soul to me and I respond to the greetings." Sunan Abu dawood vol 2, p 542, no 2036 Saheeh sunan Abu dawood vol 1, p 383, no 1795 Allah knows best!
The durood is presented to Holy Prophet (pbuh) by angel jibrael (AS). Not that rasul Allah (s) himself listens to durood. Lets see the hadith and it will become clear to you insha Allah. Aus bin Aus (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, "Among the best of your days is Friday; so supplicate Allah more often for me in it , for your supplications will be displayed to me.'' He was asked: "O Messenger of Allah! How will our blessings be displayed to you when your decayed body will have mixed with the earth?'' He (PBUH) replied, "Allah has prohibited the earth from consuming the bodies of the Prophets.'' [Abu Dawud]. Commentary: That "Allah has prohibited the earth from consuming the bodies of the Prophets'' means that the earth does not consume them. That "their Salat (salutations) will be presented to him'' indicates that angels present the salutation performed to him, as is elucidated in other Ahadith. Moreover, his soul is then returned to him and he answers the salutations also.
Now what this tells us is a very important fact of after life. 1- The body is in grave. 2- The soul is in barzakh. You should know it. Its very common. Whenever someone dies tau kaha jata hai ke uski ruh farishtey le gaye. Ye kabi nahi koi kehta ke USKA JISM farishtey le gaye. Jism tau wahin ka wahin para hai. Asal mai tau ruh nikli hai. Aur ruh barzakh mai rahegi qayamat tak. When we send durood on Holy Prophet (pbuh), then Allah returns his ruh to his body and durood is presented to him and he asnwers. You may ask the question that How is the possible? Then the answer scholars gave is that "Allah can do everything and nothing is difficult for Him. He makes his soul return to his body even if billions durood are presented to him. He is presented with them and Allah can do it."