Let be United Muslim Ummah

By Allama Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer


1 Allah is our Provider
2 Muhammad salal laho aliehi wasalam is our Prophet
3 Islam is our religion

Why cannot we be united on Book of Allah swt and Sunnah of Rasool sala laho aliehi wasalam transferred to us through authentic hadith and be true Muslims.

We are deviated from right path when we prefer

1 Our Forefathers
2 Our religious leaders
3 Our desires
5 Our culture and traditions
6 Own beliefs
7 Party and tribe

On sayings of Allah and His Rasool sala laho aliehi wasalam.May Allah give us toufeeq to stick to Quran and authentic Hadiths and help us to take these two documents of truth as yardstick to rectify all our beliefs and Customs.