Manner of debate

By Brother Mohammad Ali

But since i have read some content related to manners of debating and discussion, i just want to mention few manners related to debate, which will be beneficial for everyone in future insha Allah.

1- Before starting debate, clear your mind with the thought that you are right and all others are wrong.

2- When debating, leave your ego aside. If u bring ur ego into debate, u will start doing personal attacks and taunting on others.

 3- Choose your words very carefully in doing critical analysis of something especially scholars or state or anything. Realize that u are speaking publicly and many people are listening to u and reading whatever u write, so whatever u write can effect people's mind and they can pass that to others. And a chain can be started whose source is you. So be very careful. Allah will ask you for whatever u utter.

 4- Please build tolerance in yourself. If someone disagrees with you, its natural. Please do not take it as ABNORMAL. Please do not become emotional. Sahabah [ra] used to differ with each other. That difference never lead to hatred/enmity/taunting etc.

Insha Allah if we all follow these simple rules, we will become professional debaters who are heard and respected everywhere and whose opinion carries weight. Otherwise we will all be just among those whose "PHILOSOPHER" comes out at facebook and speaks whatever he wants :P

[p.s I do not claim to be a great debater or following manners of debating. I just shared what i read through different sources regarding manners of debating and discussion. It will be beneficial to all including me insha Allah.]