The Blind Imaam (Hadith No. 636)


Hadith no. 635 is a repeat. Read it here.

Volume 1, Book 11, Number 636:
Narrated Mahmuid bin Rabi' Al-Ansari:
'Itban bin Malik used to lead his people (tribe) in prayer and was a blind man, he said to Allah's Apostle , "O Allah's Apostle! At times it is dark and flood water is flowing (in the valley) and I am blind man, so please pray at a place in my house so that I can take it as a Musalla (praying place)." So Allah's Apostle went to his house and said, "Where do you like me to pray?" 'Itban pointed to a place in his house and Allah's Apostle, offered the prayer there.

One. Blindness was not a flaw back then. We know of the blind mu'adhin: Abdullah Ibn Umm Maktum. And this Hadith tells us about a blind man who used to lead the prayer in his tribe.

Two. The most knowledgeable and wise is supposed to lead the prayer. Even if they're blind/crippled/handicapped. Read more on it here.

Three. Something as genuine as blindness did not stop this man from going to the masjid to pray (in normal conditions). Then what do you have to say of your excuses?

Four. In extreme weather conditions, one may pray at home. More on it here.

Five. Another aspect of this Hadith discussed here.


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