Do u know purpose of Mug and so what ur purpose :p

Brothers and sisters Assalamo Alikom waramatullahi wabaraktuh,

 i wish u all health wealth, strength of eman and a meaningful purposeful LIFE. last weekend i was very sad because the mug that i bought a week before had its handle broken by a friend of mine. it was such a nice and beautiful and emaan raising and akhirah reminding MUG for me because it had written on it "LIFE without a purpose is a waste of OXYGEN" so true. but the breakage of mug's handle had spoiled its whole elegance. Three days had past, and that mug was still on my table, where it usually be. and it made me wonder why is it that it is still in its place. it is not the same mug, it is broken and doesn't look good. but not even its place has changed. why? and then it occurred to me that this MUG has a purpose, it still reminds me of the akhirah and i can still drink water in it that is why it is on my table, no wonder if the breakage was so much it couldn't fulfill my purpose then i would have thrown it away for sure. but look it is still there....
 so brothers and sisters, in life there may be so many accident and we may feel bruised, fatigued, half-hearted, thinking that we are finished thinking that there is no meaning of us to live, thinking of us like waste but then look around move ur hands it will move as u wish, speak what u want and ur tongue will respond. try to get up on ur feet and u will In sha Allah and u will realize that u have a LIFE. u are alive!!! and remember Muslims' life has a PURPOSE to worship Allah. u r no waste, u r still in the place where u should be u still have that purpose and u may be still fulfilling it somehow and hence not moved away. U R ALIVE!! U HAVE A PURPOSE!! U ARE NO WASTE!! FOR U R A MUSLIM!! do not let the clouds of hopelessness hide the shine of ur faith. so get up on ur feet and fulfill ur PURPOSE. Allahu akbar all praise to him who gave us life and gave us a PURPOSE. for "Life without a Purpose is a Waste of Oxygen"

 always in need of ur Duas