Uloom-ul-Hadith : 4 Obligations for Student of Hadith.

The Prophet  صلى الله عليه و سلام said, “May Allah enlighten face of person who  hears from me, memorize it ,preserves it and then narrates it to others, as he heard it from me”(Reported in Tirmidhi, Ibn Mas’ud, Sahih and Hasan)
There are 4 obligations for Student of Hadith and you can see it, from the life of Imam Bukhari .Subhan ALLAH! May ALLAH grant him Jannat-ul-firdous Ameen
Four obligations are :
1-”who  hears from me, “
2-”memorize it”
3-”,preserves it “
4-”narrates it to others, as he heard it from me”
Do you want to become one of those ,”“May Allah enlighten face of person”.You have to perform 4 obligations  :)