Advices by Sheikh Abdulbary Yahya

"Some people like certain advices so much, they decorate and adorn their Twitter pages with them instead of putting them to practice.Some people like certain verses of the Quran so much, they decorate and adorn their walls with them instead of putting them to practice." by Sheikh Abdulbary Yahya

This is so true. Many people share hadith,Quranic verses, advises and much more on blogs, Facebook,twitter and etc. But,less people practice what they share.Some people use pictures on their profile of niqab, hijab  but less they practice. Some people have albums of Quran,Hadith and Inspiring Islamic stuff but less they practice.That is why Facebook can be face hell. So share only if you have practiced or strong intention to practice:) .Otherwise, it will be asked on the day of judgement.Subhan ALLAH. May ALLAH grant this sheikh Jannah Ameen.

Modesty and shyness may be the most underrated virtues of modern society. 

by Sheikh Abdul bary Yahya.

That is why women don't feel any shame in talking to a men and a men don't feel any shame in talking to a women.They don't even feel uncomfortable. They don't even feel that they are doing sin. I don't understand how can a women display herself in hijab or even in niqab in the public. What is the purpose of niqab? Not to allow non mahram look at you.But you ruin the purpose of niqab by displaying it on internet. Because when we go out we need to wear it,that is a NEED but on internet it is a DESIRE.Those who use thier niqab pictures are just showing thier eyes and showing that they look beautiful in niqab. Is this the purpose of niqab ? Astagfirullah. May ALLAH grant our sisters hikmah and hidayah Ameen. Our brothers lack shyness and Prophet was the most shy person. How can a shy brother use his picture on display :)?