Asalam o alaykum. Many people keep asking me why I always advise them to study about aqeedah issues and make aqeedah strong. So here is just one branch of aqeedah i am sharing and the benefit it can bring. Belief in Qadar (destiny). It might be long. But i dont care. You people have to read this if you want so many of your matters come to ease.

1- It is from completion of Eemaan and Eemaan is incomplete without it.
2- Security from Shirk. Many people who do not have a firm belief and knowledge about qadr, fall into idolatrous beliefs and even challenge Allah Almighty on some occassions like the bollywood kaafirs who make songs like "Tarap tarap ke is dil se ah nikalti rahi. Mujko saza di pyar ki. Aisa kia gunah kia?"
3- It allows humans referring their affairs to their Lord Allah. Because humans know that everything is according to Allah's destiy. They will turn to Him in times of difficulty to repel and remove it from them (by making dua), and they will attribute their times of good to Allah and know that it is a favor from Him. Hence knowing their status at all times and not to complain and be ungrateful in hard times and not to be proud when they do good.
4- Calamities become easier to deal with when humans know that they are ultimately from Allah as a test.
5- Attribution of worldly pleasures like wealth etc, to their true source prevents their attribution to their immediate providers. Hence one only bows to Allah, not to their bosses or masters.
6- Humans come to know their Lord and attain His nearness and come to know His wisdom through belief in Qadr. If they reflect on the creation and the incredible things occuring in it, they become aquainted with Allah's wisdom.


1- A patient personality
Proper knowledge that whatever happens is by Allah's decree gives one the ability to patiently bear the most difficult of times. When things do not happen as planned, the person with strong aqeedah accepts that there must be Allah's wisdom in that and this thought saves him/her from so many depressions and diseases. There are so many cases in the west when one person loses a job or wealth or doesn't get married to a girl (especially Hindu foolish culture), they commit suicide.

2- A contended personality
Knowledge that whatever wealth is gathered was already written gives the individual a sense of contentment when he or she fails in their effort to gain more. The person with strong aqeedah is hence encouraged to strive to attain the best of the afterworld. Because he/she is in a contended state.

3- A stable personality
Belief in destiny also keeps one from falling into despair or from being consumed with regrets and daydreams about what might have been. It also makes a person stable in the sense that he/she will remain free from extremes of happiness that cause one to forget Allah and the extremes of sadness that cause the ignorant to lose hope and blame Allah.

So imagine my brothers & sisters, what person we will become if we get proper knowledge of aqeedah and about Allah and what is our reality. All our problems can be overcome if we become the personality mentioned above. Are u still not convinced we should build our aqeedah more and more strong? 
Another Important point is Belief in destiny and having a strong aqeedah will also save us going from sooth sayers and peers and magicians and astrologers etc. Because we Know the Sift of Allah Almighty with firm heart. And that Sift (attribute) is "AL HAKEEM" (THE MOST WISE). So we know whatever Allah has decided for us has immense wisdom and we don't have to worry about what will happen or what shouldn't have happened. We just need to turn to Allah Almighty, the One in whose Hands all affairs are.