To a great extent, Television tells us who we are and who we should be. It tells us that the most important thing about us is how we look. The first thing the media do is surround us with the image of ideal male/female beauty so we all learn how important it is for us to be beautiful and exactly what it takes. We are being injected that the only thing which matters is outside appearance.

We are being bombarded with all sorts of materialistic philosophies that human being is just matter and four dimensional creature and atoms bonded together and a higher animal and it sleeps and drinks and eats and walks and talks and 'survival of the fittest' theories and blah blah blah. But hold on!! Hold on! I am not just a stone! I am not just atoms of matter bonded together! I am more than that.I feel pain. Dont you? Not physical pain. But emotional pain. And i know many of us are in pain these days. I feel joy. Dont you? Is that four dimensional? And then I go near nature out of this metropolis, I feel happy. Is that physical? Then how dare they impose ideologies on us solely based on materialism! They tell us about mechanics of walking, dressing and eating and drinking. But do they ever tell us who we really are and what we really need??
This materialistic society is like a mechanical labyrinth. Built as a prison. Where the bars are invisible. It exploits our insecurities. It enriches itself on ignorance. It suppresses our ambitions. We need to think. Have our goals been diverted? From achieving the infinite to supplicating for the temporary? Have we lost sense of ourselves? Is the thing we are chasing real or illusion? Have we been deceived? Have we begun to believe their lies? Have we accepted their definition of success, happiness and truth? 

We get everything. Yet feel like missing something. Always in a state of extreme un satisfaction. "Why am i not like them? Why do i not have what they have?"Comes then the extreme passion to start becoming like them. We work tirelessly day and night. All for the purpose of becoming like what we see. But... Let us pause.. Let us think..Did we leave our SELF behind during all this race? Did we forget who we really are and from where we came? Did we forget what our true nourishment is? Did we forget what truly we need to be successful?Lets ask ourselves the above questions and think, are we among those mentioned in the following ayah? 
"And be not like those who forgot Allah and He caused them to forget their ownselves." (59:19)