Memory & Scholar :)

I remember a scholar, his name was Mohammad Gondalwi. He belonged to Pakistan and was the teacher of Great Scholar Allama Ihsan Ilahi Zaheer Shaheed (R.A) what I wanted to say is, Allah had given him such a powerful memory that he used to say I do not read newspaper because when I do, all of it bears in my mind and is learnt by heart, so why should not I record something more beneficial which is Hadith of the Prophet [SAW]... So he stopped reading newspaper and put all his efforts in Hadith.... That is why some of the people also call him Imam...!

 We must be knowing and learning more of Quran and Hadith than any other crap i.e. actors, movies, etc...!

May Allah show us the right path...! ameen!

by Br. Mugheerah Luqman