Night Prayer: Not Compulsory (Ahadith 696-698)


Hadith no. 693694 and 695 are repeats.

Volume 1, Book 11, Number 696:
Narrated 'Aisha:
Allah's Apostle used to pray in his room at night. As the wall of the room was low, the people saw him and some of them stood up to follow him in the prayer. In the morning they spread the news. The following night the Prophet stood for the prayer and the people followed him. This went on for two or three nights. Thereupon Allah's Apostle did not stand for the prayer the following night, and did not come out. In the morning, the people asked him about it. He replied, that he was afraid that the night prayer might become compulsory.

Volume 1, Book 11, Number 697:
Narrated 'Aisha:
The Prophet had a mat which he used to spread during the day and use as a curtain at night. So a number of people gathered at night facing it and prayed behind him.

 Volume 1, Book 11, Number 698:
Narrated Zaid bin Thabit:
Allah's Apostle made a small room in the month of Ramadan (Sa'id said, "I think that Zaid bin Thabit said that it was made of a mat") and he prayed there for a few nights, and so some of his companions prayed behind him. When he came to know about it, he kept on sitting. In the morning, he went out to them and said, "I have seen and understood what you did. You should pray in your houses, for the best prayer of a person is that which he prays in his house except the compulsory prayers."

Night prayer is not compulsory during or outside Ramadan. The one who performs it gets huge rewards though.

With this, Kitaab-ul-Adhaan ends. Alhamdulillah.