The paradox of our time is that good has become bad and bad has become good. Modesty & shyness is now termed as ill confidence and Immodesty termed as Boldness & Confidence. Shamefulness termed as backwardness and Shamelessness termed as enlightenement. Truthful & honest termed as foolish & immature and liers & deceivers termed as smart & mature. Godless termed as successful and God fearing termed as Losers.

There has come a certain offset in our thinking and feeling. We can offer respect to the grave, but we wont think about the grave. We like decorating the Quran but we wont understand the Quran. If we dislike something we will hate it, but we wont change it. If we talk about the crisis we will give all sorts of blame analysis, but we wont see what caused it and what will solve it. We want to Love Allah but we wont take the first step. We would believe in something, but we wont do it. Such an offset in us has made all the effort and strains for making our lives better only a mirage, a fable and a fools paradise.

Everything has become so strange and opposite. Is it that we are living in the worst of times (which will come just before the Day of Judgement) that Holy Prophet (pbuh) mentioned?