Sexual Harassment at public place & Islamic Solution and advices

QUESTION IN MY INBOX via Islamiliveforit blog by anonymous girl about the Man behaviour and public place

there's one thing i want to ask
it's about the behavior of some brothers in public places

i and my friends [girls] went for shopping one evening. we we're in the crowd when suddenly one of my friend was harrass by touching her body. when we look at the man, he continuously walk ahead without looking back as if he didn't do that. what can we do about it?
we're wearing proper hijab
i'm covering my face too

i'm wearing proper hijab and niqab. like i said i'm a foreigner in some muslim state.

if that happens again, what should she do? ishe mean what she gonna do right at that moment?
should she yell at him?
ishe m sorry but i could almost cry for such behavior

REPLY BY BR. Mohammad Usman Nisar :-
Islam had suggest solution to such problem as well

1/ Man who act like so maybe muslim or non muslim but lack proper manner and natural behaviour and tempted by satan

2/ Woman can doing following steps to avoid such events:
i) Proper Hijab and Niqab
ii) Walk at sides of road or so close that you touching the borders
iii) Woman may move around in market or etc areas with mahram member to avoid acts of evil or unmodest people.
iv) State should adopt measures as well

3/ Solution for man with weak faith and un modest
i) Tawheed
ii) Salah
iii) Remembering Allah much [zikr]

REPLY BY BR. Mohammad Ali :- [detailed answer]
Asalam o alaikum wr.

Now that it has been elaborated, so its become clear and focus will be on the particular situation which is described. And masha Allah, i must say, u replied very well.
Well first of all we should know that Islam is such a great religion that it has given us guidelines of everything. Allah Almighty gave us some guidelines of going to public places. Which are:
1- Reading dua of leaving house. And reading dua of entering the market.
2- Making sure we are in proper hijab. Both men & women.
3- Females should not be going alone, even if together, even if in proper hijab. They should be accompanied by mehrams.
4- Lowering gaze and saying salam to each other and not sit on public places (markets) uselessly.
5- Females should try to walk on sides of road rather than in the middle.

Now the reasons for the unpleasant event with which the respected sisters got confronted, according to my naaqis soch (faulty thinking) are two:
1- They were confronted by a shaytan who had no sense of shame.
2- They did the mistake of going out to market alone without any mehram.

Believe it or not. When a mehram is with u, it lowers the morale of a shaytan to 80%. A shaytan who wants to see you or harass you will think 10 times if he sees some male with you. Male here doesn't mean a 10 year old kid. Male means a mature person who seems like a man. Sisters, trust me. U cannot go to some place and expect that the shaytans would not be there. U cannot go to some place and expect that angels would be walking there. Shaytans are everywhere. And human shaytan is more dangerous. Trust me. Because the jinn shaytan runs away when you read "Auz billahi min ash shaytan ir rajeem" or when it hears adhaan. But the human shaytan doesn't run whey u read auz billah or when it hears adhaan :p It does sins at the time of adhaan too or even if u read 100 times auz billah. So human shaytan is more dangerous and to be safe from this shaytan, sisters need to make sure they do something practical, rather than just dua, and that practical thing is to go out in the market or public places with some manly mehram. Only then this human shaytan would not confront you. And if it confronts u even when u are with mehram, then i am sure, any male, whether weak or strong, will have ghairah and will like to beat this shaytan who harrassed his women folk. This is the only practical solution i see right now.

As for the question "What should sister do now?" Then one thing is to tell her male mehram and tell him to find that shaytan and teach him a lesson :D Another thing is that she should do sabr and next time take extra care and go out with mehram.

As for the question "What should she do if next time this happens" Then as for yelling, if she yells, then the shaytan who did this would simply say that He touched by mistake and he would be baree (free) of this evil deed. And also it maybe that this was done mistakenly especially in a crowded area. So we got to see all possibilities. It maybe that the other person is a shareef maulvi like Mohammad Rana Usman Nisar and someone pushed him in a crowded area like daewoo bus station and he accidentally touches some female and that female slaps or yells and this poor person has to get beaten :P lol. So all possibilities should be taken into account. But i believe if this sister is with mehram, then the mehram would himself take care of it insha Allah and sister wont have to take much tention.

As for a very exceptional situation, that the sister has no mehram, what so ever, available and she wants to do some extra special work and needs to go to market with some female friends and in this situation she gets confronted with such an act (if she is sure that person did it intentionally and not mistakenly), then the solution according to my faulty thinking is tat she should report some elderly person near her and explain it to them.