Two great men of decade [1990 to 2000]


Today i want to remember two great men, who have been a great inspiration for me always. And whom i consider to be my teachers and will always consider. The reason i want to mention them today is not because today is their barsi or out of some rasm. But because i feel like mentioning them since last night i saw some of their videos and i missed them a lot, as they are not with us now. I would only mention their good. And i hope i do not do ghulu.

One of these great man is DR ISRAR (rahima ullah alayhi). A man who stretched my mind like a rubber band and from whom i came to know what is Deen. A man who made me love the Holy Quran. Who made me perceive the world through the eye of Quran and who made me realize the deceptive system of dajjal. A man, whom whenever i listen, touches my heart. May Allah grant him jannat ul firdous and forgive his short comings.

Another of these great men is SHAYKH AHMED DEEDAT (rahima ullah alayhi). What a brave man indeed. A true Lion. Infact, the father of modern daawah tehniques. The person who produced people like Dr. Zakir naik, and that is enough to praise him. A true defender of Allah's religion and a defier of fake religions. A trend setter for sure! Learned a lot from him. May Allah grant him jannat ul firdous and forgive his short comings.

I miss them a lot. Truly great men. Not everyone who studies 8 year from madrassah is a scholar. And not everyone who doesn't go to madrassah is not a scholar. I consider both of them to be scholarly men. People can disagree.
O Allah, forgive them and enter them into jannat ul firdous.
Aameen. Ya Rabbul aalameen.