Without going into the depth of the incident of Karbala

Allama Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer said:

I am more interested in Quran and Sunnah and less interested in history especially when it comes to controversies .

The reason is that history is not transferred through authentic sources like Quran and Hadith.I respect all Sahabas especially Ummahatul momineen , Ahle bait and Khulafa e Rashideen rizwanullahee aliehim ajma een.

I donot think Yazeed can be compared with Syedna Hussian in any aspect but we should not declare any one kafir without proper research and evidence .There had been number of different opinions of great Imams and historians like Imam ibn Hajar ,Imam Ghazali ,Imam Ibn Aseer,Imam Ibn Kaseer, Imam Ibn Taimiyyah ,Imam Taftazani , Ibn Jareer Tibri and so on about role of Yazeed through out the history and a student of history can explore these contents if he does proper research.

Much of the results of this research have no direct connection with our felicity in thislife and hereafter .

Without going into the depth of the incident of Karbala I will only say that any a,b,c person who was involved in martyrdom of Syedna Hussain radi Allahu anhu is a cursed person till the day of judgement.

Similarly all those elements who were responsible for martyrdom of Umer ,Usman and Ali rizwanullee aliehim ajma een are also cursed till the day of judgement .