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Observe carefully how Sheikhul-Islaam ibnu Taimiyyah describes the importance of it by saying:
“Therefore Arabic in itself is of the Deen, and knowing it is obligatory (in general), because
understanding the Qur’aan and Sunnah is obligatory, and they are not understood except by the Arabic language, and that which the obligatory is only done by is obligatory.”
And he also said: ” And know that getting used to the (Arabic) Language effects the mind, morality and religion a strong clear effect, and it effects – also – in resembling the first generation of this Ummah of the Companions and their followers, and resembling them enriches in mind, religion and morality.”
He also said: ” Also when Allaah has revealed His book by this language, and made His Messenger صلىالله عليه و سلم a conveyor of the Book and wisdom by its Arabic language, and made the ones to be the first to this Religion speaking it = there wasn’t one way to perfectly understanding the religion except through perfecting this tongue.”
And when the Scholars realized the importance of such a language so vast in meanings, and also realized that the destruction of this language means the destruction of the right understanding of Qur’aan and Sunnah, they have spent their lives following this language from its routes (the Pure Arabs themselves) and put sound and strong principles to preserve it until it has become a mighty unbreakable science.



Ustad Fahad said,” We shall turn you from Non Arabs to Arabs by these Arabic classes”.

How strong is his words and how true they are.You would know after you attend the classes In sha ALLAH.

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