Felicity of hereafter is linked with practice only


Felicity of hereafter is linked with practice and no particular person, family or tribe can be successful without being practical .

That is why son and wife of Noah aliehis salam ,father of Ibraheem aliehis salam ,wife of Lot aliehis salam and Abu lahab an uncle of Rasool salal laho aliehi wasalam were losers because thet were not practicng where as wife of Pharaoh and Son of Abu jahal were successful because they were acting on commands of Allah swt .

Similarly wealth ,fame and office do not indicate the real success. Nmirod, Qaroon,Haman and Shaddad were losers although they had resources ,fame and office , where as Bilal ,Sumayyah and Zunairah rizwanullahee aliehim ajma een were successful despite being poor and weak.

The real base of success has been beautifully mentioned in the hadith which says : He (Allah swt) does not take into account your apparent beauty but he looks into your hearts and He is not concerned with your wealth but He gives weight to your actions.