Balance (Hadith No. 941)


Volume 2, Book 21, Number 242:
Narrated Anas bin Malik
Sometimes Allah's Apostle would not fast (for so many days) that we thought that he would not fast that month and he sometimes used to fast (for so many days) that we thought he would not leave fasting through-out that month and (as regards his prayer and sleep at night), if you wanted to see him praying at night, you could see him praying and if you wanted to see him sleeping, you could see him sleeping.

Prophet (SAW) had a balanced personality. He liked to take the mid-road to almost everything. For example, he used to fast a lot, but people would see him not fast for a lot of days as well. He used to pray tahajjud each night, but he would definitely sleep as well.
Similarly, he did not eat too less nor too much. He was not too lenient nor too strict. Not too fast, not too slow. Take any aspect of his life, you'll find perfect balance. (y)

Now take a look at your own life. When you sit down to have Iftaar, how balanced is your in-take of food? :P
And you can judge yourself.. :)