Ahadith 999 - 1001

Volume 2, Book 22, Number 300:
Narrated Aisha:
I used to stretch my legs towards the Qibla of the Prophet while he was praying; whenever he prostrated he touched me, and I would withdraw my legs, and whenever he stood up, I would restretch my legs.
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Volume 2, Book 22, Number 301:
Narrated Abu Huraira:
The Prophet once offered the prayer and said, "Satan came in front of me and tried to interrupt my prayer, but Allah gave me an upper hand on him and I choked him. No doubt, I thought of tying him to one of the pillars of the mosque till you get up in the morning and see him. Then I remembered the statement of Prophet Solomon, 'My Lord ! Bestow on me a kingdom such as shall not belong to any other after me.' Then Allah made him (Satan) return with his head down (humiliated)."
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Volume 2, Book 22, Number 302:
Narrated Al-Azraq bin Qais:
We were at Al-Ahwaz fighting the AlHaruriya (tribe). While I was at the bank of a river a man was praying and the reins of his animal were in his hands and the animal was struggling and he was following the animal. (Shu'ba, a sub-narrator, said that man was Abu Barza al-Aslaml). A man from the Khawarij said, "O Allah! Be harsh to this sheik." And when the sheik (Abu Barza) finished his prayer, he said, "I heard your remark. No doubt, I participated with Allah's Apostle in six or seven or eight holy battles and saw his leniency, and no doubt, I would rather retain my animal than let it return to its stable, as it would cause me much trouble."

From what I understand of Ibn Battaal's commentary on this Hadith is, that it was better for that man to retain the animal while praying than to break his prayer. If he let it go, it might have gotten lost or something. So he held the reins but continued his salah. And Allah knows best.