Height of Generosity (Hadith No. 1066)

Volume 2, Book 23, Number 367:
Narrated Sahl:
A woman brought a woven Burda (sheet) having edging (border) to the Prophet, Then Sahl asked them whether they knew what is Burda, they said that Burda is a cloak and Sahl confirmed their reply. Then the woman said, "I have woven it with my own hands and I have brought it so that you may wear it." The Prophet accepted it, and at that time he was in need of it. So he came out wearing it as his waist-sheet. A man praised it and said, "Will you give it to me? How nice it is!" The other people said, "You have not done the right thing as the Prophet is in need of it and you have asked for it when you know that he never turns down anybody's request." The man replied, "By Allah, I have not asked for it to wear it but to make it my shroud." Later it was his shroud.
Imagine it. A cloak that was just gifted to him, something that he actually needed.. he just gave it away on someone's request. Just like that. How can someone do that? It's just too amazing for me. I think generosity is a small word for Prophet (SAW). He was just too good. May Allah unite us with him in Paradise soon! <3